Paper Hearts (The Heartbreak Chronicles #2) by Ali Novak

Despite my just so-so like for The Heartbreakers (The Heartbreak Chronicles #1), I decided to give Paper Hearts (The Heartbreak Chronicles #2) a chance. After all, this is Alec’s story, the cool character I have been intrigued by in the first book.

But much to my disappointment, I didn’t like the 2nd book like I have anticipated. Alec, the cool, shy, hard to figure out guy, obviously with baggage as well, in the first book seemed to disappear. And a whole new different Alec was seen in Paper Hearts. Alec, who was kinda straightforward, kinda bold, and kinda not shy anymore.

Paper Hearts is the story about Felicity and how her world intertwined with Alec’s in a sorry-i-have-spilled-coffee-on-your-dress-let-me-make-it-up-to-you kind of way. Felicity is looking for her “runaway” sister and Alec, being drawn to her, decided to help. They travelled together, along with her 2 bestfriends, Asha an Boomer, across San Francisco towards Seattle, stopping by at Oregon where the rest of The Heartbreakers currently are. Across the two books, I think only JJ’s pervert character and Xander’s allergy remained constant.

It’s a light read yeah but I didn’t enjoy it that much. I didn’t feel the sizzle or the romance I normally feel for the two main characters of the story. I skipped some parts and willed myself to finish the story still. Despite not really enjoying the flow overall, the story still has those moments when you’re imagining yourself as the character so that you’ll be able to experience that sweet, sweet moment the character is experiencing. However, those moments were not enough to outweigh the overall feeling.

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