Taming the Rebel by Dawn Klehr


unnamed.jpgTaming the Rebel can be considered as one of your go-to books if you’re looking for a quick, easy, summer read which you can finish in one sitting. It’s one your cliche teensy romance books but still didn’t fail to grip me into reading. I am a sucker for romance. And cliche but still comes out as fresh read is my guilty pleasure.

Taming the Rebel follows the “star-crossed” lovers angle. Rebel Hart found herself in a summer camp with Justice Brody, her decided gorgeous and hot mortal enemy this summer because he’s her father’s ex-boyfriend’s son who might have been the reason why their fathers broke up. She planned to get revenge on Justice by pulling several pranks on him but she fails every time. As the summer went by though, with the pranks not working, Rebel found herself attracted to Justice which she has been struggling to accept since start of the summer. Justice who was the embodiment of perfection – football player, tall, built body, handsome face. But no, different plan was laid out for her. She cannot rebel with her heart anymore. The attraction was not one sided. Soon enough, both find themselves sneaking kisses behind cabins, hidden in the woods, deep within the camp. However, there is still one major problem to get through, Rebel thinks that Justice still can’t accept the fact that his father was gay thus creating an illusion in Rebel’s mind that what they share right now is just temporary. But when Parent’s day came and the conflict escalated, Justice being thrown off camp. they needed time to think apart. Still, since this is a feel good novel, they were able to resolve the conflict and got together in the end.

I found novels like Taming the Rebel a no-brainer, it doesn’t require much thinking. You just read for pleasure and enjoyment. I know I look for novels like this when reality hits me up too hard and I want to escape it even just for a few hours.

I was literally shouting in my head “Why can’t you just be honest with each other and be together already?” as if the characters are able to hear me. Rebel and Justice are just so cute I don’t want them apart any longer! They try to distance from each other, keeping their feelings in check, not wanting to admit it because admitting it would make it real. And they don’t want that. Fate, though, has a different plan altogether.

As cliche as the story goes, I found it a breathe of fresh air introducing older LGBT characters. When I first read the summary, I was like what? Was there a mistake in the pronouns? Coz I really was not able to grasp it. However, I read it again and understood that Rebel’s father was gay which I did not mind and which I find interesting to see in a teen novel. It also showed me a perspective of the world of teens with gay parents as this is a world not really familiar to me. Sure, I know a lot of gays, but only a few has a family of their own with kids in it.

Also, I like it for the setting. Even after reading a couple of novels set in summer camp, I still find the location amusing. Most probably because I feel that I am also there as I never grew up with summer camps as an option. So the idea is really new to me.

Taming the Rebel is a quick read, one you can enjoy while tanning on the beach or spending the afternoon in the balcony. It’s a nice deviation from all the worry I have in my reality.

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