Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle


I failed to watch Kingsman: the Secret Service in the theaters and I immediately regretted it because this is the type of movie that you just have watch in the big screen because of all the action and awesome moves. Thus, I decided not to miss watching Kingsman 2 in the theaters when it shows.

Kingsman 2 still provides the same awesome-ness when it comes to the action scenes – the mad editing, great camera works, the slow mos and fast scenes. The story is a simple and linear one, though it runs deeper in society. Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle focuses on the fight of the remaining Kingsman (aka Eggsy and Harry w/ forever loyal Merlin) versus The Golden Circle, a worldwide, underground drug producer and dealer based in Cambodia.

After the Golden Circle eliminated every Kingsman via missile, Eggsy, lucky enough since he’s not at home, along with Merlin went to Kentucky, USA to find Statesman, which turned out is a Secret Service based in the US founded by a Kingsman as well. Eggsy and Merlin also came in contact with Harry who’s experiencing retrograde amnesia after Stateman rescued him from his fatal shot last movie. After gaining back his memory, the Eggsy and Harry, along with Agent Whiskey from Statesman, went on a mission to retrieve the antidote to the deadly Dancing Virus that Poppy (owner of the Golden Circle) injected into her drugs.

The journey to get the millions affected by the virus hit close to home. In the Philippines, the way how the US President reacted to Poppy’s demands before she releases the antidote (1. To legalize drugs 2. To make her and her companions untouchable), is similar to what might have been in our President’s mind based on the actions seen. It all boils down to money. Innocents be damned. I definitely understand how badly drug pushers and users affect the society but doesn’t everyone deserves a chance to get better and treated? Moreover, in the ongoing war against drugs, only the innocents and small time users are the ones affected. Why can’t the root cause of the problem be the target? Why? Because of money, because of ties. The promised change is just an ideal at this point since the ones at the top will stay at the top and the ones at the bottom will be the ones to suffer. We are just pawns in this game. Sadly, we’ re the ones who suffers in the end.

Kingsman 2 is trying to accomplish a larger scene, a larger scale, but even though the great editing and camera work’s still there plus Taron Egerton as Eggsy is definitely a great eye candy on screen, it still kinda fails to deliver it’s potential. And with this I don’t know if there will be a Kingsman 3. It seems that the plot for this franchise is narrowed already.

Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle is a good movie to catch if you’re looking for some bad ass camera works. the locations are wisely picked, and the music is definitely my choice of music (I’m an oldie trapped in a twenty-something body). Plus Elton John is there! Although comparing it to Kingsman: the Secret Service, the Secret Service still holds the crown. Nothings beats the original still.

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