My O.K. Experience

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Let’s start this blog by saying that I consider myself as an introvert ever since forever. I don’t necessarily have a problem with it but sometimes I just wish I was outgoing and friendly coz most often than not, I think I’m missing out on the fun (which is not necessarily true). This is my thinking especially regarding dating and relationships. I’m 25, never had a boyfriend, never been kissed. Again, it’s not a major problem for me since I believe that the right person will come when God says it’s the right time, but you know you can’t help wishing you’re with somebody at times. Haha.

This is where my online persona comes in. I take on a slightly different persona online. Maybe due to the fact that the other person can’t see me but I am more forward and friendly whenever I’m connected to the internet. I haven’t done much flirting online though until recently. A friend introduced me to Omegle. I decided to try it. I have nothing to lose and it’s easy to disconnect. This was two and a half weeks ago.

I didn’t really put much hope that I’ll be able to find a decent guy to go into a relationship  with when I tried Omegle. I know that no such thing can come out when you can lie your way all through out your interaction since you’re just basically strangers. What I did wanted was some interesting conversations and maybe possible kinda lasting conversations. However, it was really hard to find what I’m looking for.

Omegle, a platform where two strangers can talk to each other, and wherein you can just disconnect when you don’t feel talking anymore, is a horny person attractor. Whenever I was lucky enough that the stranger did not disconnect onset of the convo, I will later find them to be just horny and looking for a hook up. Then, it would be now me that will disconnect. I did was able to have interesting and fun conversations a couple of times – one with a nurse who’s gay, one with a gay who’s in love with his classmate, one with a weird guy with interesting theories about why the world is the way it is now, and one is with a grandfather who has interesting stories about the time when he was still a firefighter.

Usually, the stranger will also ask if you have Kik. I was not familiar with the app but downloaded it nonetheless. Kik is a messaging app where you cannot be traced (hopefully). It’s also easy to block someone. Messages are also not saved and older messages are deleted from the conversation.

I had some fun interactions, some I went along with their kiks, played with the game, enjoyed while it lasted. I sent some pictures but when it’s getting too personal and I can’t keep up, I immediately block the other person. Two and a half weeks later since I started, I have been conversing with three guys (but soon I think only one will be left). I enjoy especially talking to this one guy, we haven’t exchanged pictures at all and it was only after a week and a half of talking did we know each other’s names but I think our conversation will soon halt, since I’m not that good in keeping up with conversation.

Over all though, my Omegle-Kik (O.K.) experience is a good one. You just need to know your limits and don’t be persuaded easily by the strangers. My experience boosted my confidence and happiness these days. Hopefully, it continues.

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