I See London, I See France by Sarah Mlynowski

i see london i see franceI looooove it!

I was drawn by the cute book cover (Isn’t it cute?!) but I stayed because of the places. Travelling, especially to foreign countries, is ultimately one of my goals in life and is currently my frustration. I haven’t been outside my country but hopefully soon I’ll be able to do so. Crossing my fingers.

I think Europe is in everybody’s bucket list, with all it’s history, castles, richness, and glamour. This makes me love the book even more because it was set in not just one place in Europe but in 11 places! It feels like i was also touring Europe alongside Sydney and Leela.

The story is about Sydney’s summer vacation in Europe which she spent with her bestfriend Leela and somewhere along the way with her other bestfriend Kat as well. It talks about their adventures both in the travel itself and in the romance department when they bumped into Jackson and Matt (Leela’s ex-boyfriend or whatever). There is not really much to tell about the story. It’s sort of a game of tag but the players have a wider playing field (Europe!). Sydney and Jackson felt attraction but then there’s Matt and Leela’s relationship problem and Sydney’s mother’s agoraphobia to think about. Sydney was not even sure if she’s in just for a summer fling or further develop a relationship with him. But everything seems to be taken kinda lightly in the perspective of their travelling. The travel served as a way to go ahead and think about things, about what she wants, and what she needs to do. With the help of her friends, everything seemed to worked out fine.

It’s one of the best YA romance travel books I’ve read so far, although it kept me hanging in the end, wanting for more coz i feel that there should have been more. Aside from that though, it sparked my want to really travel Europe again. It makes me want to fall in love even more than ever. I want also a Jackson in my life!

It’s a fun, light read if you want something to pass the time with and squeal here and there.



Am I Normal Yet by Holly Bourne

am i normal yet.jpg

I’ll go ahead and now start what i really intended to be one of the main staples of this blog – book reviews!!! Yey!

Let’s start with Am I Normal Yet by Holly Bourne for no apparent reason aside from it being the book that i just finished reading literally a few minutes ago.

The book has been on my radar for quite some time now but it’s not until yesterday that i’ve given myself the chance to read it. And I’m glad i did. It’s definitely different from the usual YA romance novels that i’m reading since most of them are just cutesy types or heavy dramas but romance is still the main point. Am I Normal Yet presented in the summary at Goodreads reeled me in because it gives the impression that romance still plays the biggest part of the story but the book uncovers a different world, tackling mainly mental health issues, OCD, and feminism and romance was a just a thing caught in the bigger story. Nonetheless, i’m still grateful i had the chance to read it.

Evelyn Crane, Evie, has OCD but all she wants to be is “normal.”But what is “normal?” For Evie, the last thing she needs to check off her checklist is to be in a relationship and everything will go well again. Everything will be back to once they were. Everything will be normal.

More than the boys Evie got tangled with, the book emphasizes more on the inner struggle of Evie coping to be normal again, the OCD manifestations, relapses, friendship, acceptance. The book was not able to delve much into the main characters’ background and premise such as why the boys in the story are such douchebags, except for Oli. But then we also weren’t given a background as to why Oli Oli or even Evie Evie. Why Jane, Lottie, or Amber do things they do.

If there’s anything that the book left me, it is the impression that we cannot define normalcy. Who are we to judge what is normal? We are all broken in one way or another. We have different ways we cope with it. Who are we to judge others?

Tears literally streamed down my cheeks towards the ending of the book. Imagine yourself reading the book at the wee hours of the morning, in your room (i wanna say alone but nope, i have a roommate sleeping in the lower bunk), lights off, feeling all the emotions of the story, plus listening to Logic’s 1-800-273-8255. Who wouldn’t tear up in that situation?

Am i Normal Yet is not your typical YA romance novel, i don’t even want to consider it a romance novel since the focus is not there but it’s a good read. Perfect if you’re contemplating about life and wanting to add more feels to your already existing feels.

Are you normal? Coz i know i’m definitely not. Cheers!

P.S. Here is Logic’s 1-800 song link. Watch it. Maybe it will create a difference to those suffering.

LOGIC 1-800