Tangled by Emma Chase


I am going through my phase of being under sensual novel frustration again. Under Her, as much as I don’t want to admit, opened up again my desire to read something sensual. Tangled by Emma Chase .was the latest one I’ve read.

So i’m really a bad girl in a good girl’s clothing. I am a closet girl hiding all her desire to explore the wild side – including sex. This is where the internal conflict starts though. It’s because I’m also trying hard not to, being a Christian and all and wanting to be worthy of God’s grace but I always fall time and time again but that’s a story for another time. Let’s get back to Tangled.

The book is about Drew Evans and Kate Brooks. I just love it so much when I like the names of the characters. It makes reading the novel more palatable for me. Drew Evans and Kate Brooks are just perfect for me. The story is about a douchebag, fuck boy, egoistic Drew Evans whose world turned upside down when he met Kate Brooks, the powerful, hot, . There’s really no much substance and lesson learned as I assume having a lesson learned is not the purpose of the book. It’s an easy read if you’re looking for a quickie.

What strikes me the most in the book was the way the characters are described and characterized. The characterization is awful, so sexist, so…… But maybe this is just the ways characters of novels of this genre works. I have read a few and yeah, mostly are worshiping the guy that does such dickward things and the helpless girl, even though described as strong, will one day cave in to the wiles and charm of the guy, and they will live happily ever after. The worst part is I still keep reading similar novels time to time. I can’t seem to keep my hands off of them if i tried.

Tangled is steamy but I don’t see much difference in the other novels of the same genre. Also, I was kinda annoyed about how it was kept being asked how the reader would get the drift, how the reader would know what to expect, how the reader should get this or that. I swear though that if a guy does to me even a fraction of what Drew did to get Kate back, I would be head over heels it’s not funny.

If you have nothing to do and is looking for a novel to pass time with and get you hot, then Tangled is for you.

Under Her by Samantha Towle

under her.jpgIt’s been a really long time since I have read a novel like Under Her, erotic and sexual. And i’m not sure I was up for it over the weekend. Haha. I’m not in any way pure (at least in the mind) but it’s been a while since I last read a genre like this since I’ve only been reading cutesy, teensy novels for quite some time now.

Under Her is a story about Wilder and Morgan Stickford. Wilder is a certified fuckboy, no-strings attached guy, and soon to be CEO of his family’s lingerie business, which is also called Under Her. Morgan Stickford went to the same college as Wilder, had a secret crush for him, but most importantly, she is the newly hired, soon-to-be co-CEO of Wilder. Suddenly, Wilder has this hots for Morgan and turned his character 180 degrees. No more hooking up, no more weekend sex, just a hot, burning desire for Morgan.

Prolly I was not part of the target marker but I didn’t particularly like it. Haha. it was hot, yes. Steamy, yes. Funny, yes. And there’s a lot of fucking going on and swearing going on. The conflict also was like resolved for the sake of it being resolved and ending the story. It felt rushed and with not much substance. Wilder and Morgan’s characters are also all over the place. Maybe I was looking for something more. Maybe. Although if you’r looking for a funny, steamy novel, Under Her might be your choice.