My Life with the Walter Boys by Ali Novak

My Life with the Walter Boys

Okay. So I decided to first read Ali Novak’s (aka Fallzswimmer)‘s debut novel which also happened to take form as a Wattpad story. It’s really a writer’s dream come true! She had started the novel when she was only fifteen. What a feat. Given that I’m a frustrated writer, I really admire and envy her at the same time.

I honestly liked My Life with the Walter Boys more so than The HeartbreakersThere is a certain theme the way Ali Novak writes her novels based from what are currently published (My Life with the Walter Boys, The Heartbreakers, Paper Hearts). There is this big problem which is supposed to be heart-wrenching, dramatic, which drives the protagonist of the story and wherein the guy will then get warped into. However, I can’t seem to connect with the “driving force”of the characters. Nonetheless, I’ve completed two novels and am halfway through Paper Hearts at the time of writing.

My Life with the Walter Boys is about Jackie and how she started living with her mom’s best friend’s family after her whole family died of car accident. Katherine, her mom’s best friend happens to have 12 kids (11 boys + 1 girl). And of course, romance ensues. She was caught in a love triangle between two of the brothers, Cole and Alex. Then, in the end, it’s Cole who won.

I still felt not much connection to the tragic story behind the girl protagonist because it’s not really showing much in the emotions Jackie is seen all through the novel and there’s not enough background with the family itself to invest my feeleings in but i honestly liked the story. With a lot of characters to work on, Ali Novak did a pretty good job tying everyone in the story more or less. I also liked the interactions between Cole, Alex, and Jackie, the three main characters especially. There’s a lot of buts and why is he/she acting like that moments but all in all, I think I liked this novel best so far from her. Recommended for those who wants a sweet, easy read.



The Heartbrekers (The Heartbreaker Chronicles #1) by Ali Novak


I’ve been skeptical reading this book for various reasons. One, there were mixed reviews. Two, I’ve never read a book by Ali Novak. Three, One review compared it to Miranda Kenneally’s Jesse’s Girl (which I really loved among her works) and the review is not that positive. Still, I decided to give the book a chance. Who knows? Maybe Ill have a different opinion.

A little background on the author, I have learned that Ali Novak aka Fallzswimmer is a famous Wattpad author. I am not that acquainted with Wattpad stories since I rarely visit the site but I know that’s huge.

Okay, going back to the book itself, The Heartbreakers is the story of Stella and how her life got tangled up with one of the most popular boy bands, ehem, rock stars, in the world, the Heartbreakers. Stella is not the girly girl. She likes to own an identity separate from her other siblings which also happened to be two of the triplets they are – Cara and Drew. She has nose stud and likes underground music much to the dismay of her identical twin Cara who is head-over-heels for the Heartbreakers. And you know what happens, a chance encounter with the popular boy band member and clueless Stella set the stage for the story. The two got further entangled when they’ve discovered that they are staying in the same hostel for the night and when Stella agreed to be an assistant to the publicist for the band. Questions about her loyalty, what the future holds, her sister’s cancer created the rift and distance for Stella and Oliver but nothing that prevents them from having their happily ever after.

I would love to say that this is not a biased review based from preview reviews I have read but I’m not entirely sure. All I can say is that it’s a cute read. Something that you can pass your time with if you’re bored and have nothing else to do. It does not leave that much of an impression for me because there are similar books I have read with the same concept of ordinary girl + hotshot idol such as Miranda Kenneally’s Jesse’s Girl or When It’s Real by Erin Watt which I prefer more than this.

The character’s were not that really fleshed out and the big reveal for the reason behind Oliver’s actions is not really worth all the suspense and everything. It’s like the story is trying to go ahead and be deep with all those cancer talk and all but it’s not connecting with me. Still though, it’s a breeze through read. Cute, and funny at times. But one of the characters, Alec, got me interested and I want to know more about his story, more so than Oliver’s so I”ll read the second book on the series which is all about him. Stay tuned.