Girl’s Trip

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I have never laughed out loud in a while but thanks to this movie, my energy was depleted for the rest of the night.

Girl’s Trip is one R-Rated Comedy Film. It’s the first movie I’ve watched with almost a black girl cast. And I so much enjoyed it! This movie is hilarious and entertaining but at the same time, precious lessons are to be learned regarding friendship, relationship, and self-worth. In short, it is golden.

Girl’s Trip is about four college best friends (Flossy Possy) – Sasha (Queen Latifah), Ryan (Regina Hall), Dina (Tiffany Haddish), and Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith). Ryan is a successful author and motivator. Sasha is a struggling celebrity expose columnist. Dina is a loud, boisterous, recently fired, office worker. Lisa is a divorced nurse with two kids. The group decided to reunite in an all expense paid trip to New Orleans by Ryan after five years of not seeing each other. Thus, the Girl’s Trip began.

I have never had a group that I can call best friends and this is what I regret missing out the most on. Sure, I have close friends in high school and college, but we’ve lost in touch through the years. I have work friends but mostly they are only that, work friends. Girl’s Trip showed me how it’s nice to have a set of friends that will have your back no matter what, that will show you that you’re being stupid, and that will grow and be with you through thick and thin, social standing and long distance be damned.

Each character is solid and really shines in the movie. Dina is the loud one who acts before she thinks. Dina is always the mediator, the mature one of the bunch. Sasha and Ryan are kinda similar in a way that they have huge egos. The varying characters make up the fun in this movie. There were a lot of hilarious scenes, like OMG scenes, like when they did the zipline and Lisa got stuck in the middle and burst her bladder, spraying her pee to the lookouts below. And Dina did the same. Or when they got so high after drinking the spike drink Dina gave them and they were all doing these crazy things in a club. Or when the homeless person barged into their motel room looking for paid sex and when he was thrown out, he flashed them thru the huge glass windows. Or the sexual innuendos and clips.

But aside from the funny parts, this movie also has its moments. Moments that will give you lessons and let you introspect. It turns out the famed marriage and perfect life if Ryan is not picture perfect at all. Stuart, her husband is having an affair with an instagram hoe whom he got pregnant. Ryan, who’s pride is so high doesn’t want the public to know and is always defending Stuart in front of her friends with her excuses such as they are working on their marriage, they are doing counseling, blah, blah, blah. That’s stupid. And I really was getting pissed at Ryan’s character because of this. She looks like a strong person on the outside. Even her mantra is “I am strong. I am powerful. I am beautiful.” But in reality she’s weak. She’s being eaten by her pride, not wanting to confront the reality. All those to keep her image. I may have never been in a relationship but I definitely don’t want to be in one if it will just make me lose my ground and forget who I am.

In the end, Rachel came through with the help of the Flossy Possy. She confessed to the public and even made a major breakthrough. We are our own selves before are somebody else’s wife, partner, etc. Don’t forget that.

Girl’s Trip is a laugh trip combined with moving elements rolled into one. Definitely a must watch film!


P.S. I love Queen Latifah’s hair styles in the movie! Every. single. one.